Some of my work

Research Statement


1. Tchernis, R., Teltser, K. F., & Teotia, A. (2022). Does Quitting Smoking Increase Obesity? Evidence From Accounting for Misreporting (No. w29701). National Bureau of Economic Research, Forthcoming in Southern Economic Journal

2. Delnevo, C. D., Jeong, M., Teotia, A., Manderski, M. M. B., Singh, B., Hrywna, M., ... & Steinberg, M. B. (2022). Communication between US physicians and patients regarding electronic cigarette use. JAMA Network Open, 5(4), e226692-e226692.

3. Gratale, S. K., Teotia, A., Chen-Sankey, J., Ganz, O., Delnevo, C. D., Strasser, A. A., & Wackowski, O. A. (2022). Cigar Warning Noticing and Demographic and Usage Correlates: Analysis from the United States Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study, Wave 5. International journal of environmental research and public health, 19(6), 3221.

Working Papers

1. Are Tobacco Taxes Effective in Reducing Youth Smoking? (Job Market Paper) | Download

2. The Impact of LA Care on The California Exchange: Is it a Viable Public Option (with D. Arnold, R. Scheffler)

3. Estimating the Effects of Hospital Affiliations on Healthcare Quality and Prices (with D. Arnold, B. Fulton, and R. Scheffler)

4. The Impact of New Jersey Menthol Ban on Youth Smoking (with C. Delnevo, D. Giovenco, M. Hrywna, and E. Miller Lo)

5. Patterns of E-Cigarette Use and Smoking Cessation in US (with C. Delnevo, D. Giovenco, M. Manderski, K. Warner)

6. Can Cigarette Taxes Still Reduce Youth Smoking? (with C. Courtemanche and B. Feng)

7. Do Financial Incentives Matter for Maternal Healthcare? (with D. Pokhriyal)

8. Effect of Free Maternal Care on Healthcare Utilization in India (with D. Pokhriyal)

9. Impact of Microcredit on Child Health Outcomes (with D. Pokhriyal)

10. Pregnancy Intention and Use of E-cigarettes in the US: Impact on Health of Newborns

11. Tobacco Use and Suicide Planning in the US: Evidence using YRBS