Some of my work

Research Statement

Working Papers

  1. Are Tobacco Taxes Effective in Reducing Youth Smoking? (Job Market Paper)

Abstract: This paper examines the effects of cigarette and cigar tax on cigarette and cigar use among youth. Using data from the Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System (1999-2017) and a difference-in-differences approach, I exploit the variation in state cigarette and cigar tax over time to identify causal effects. I examine the cross-tax elasticities of cigarette and cigar use and find that, while an increase in cigar tax leads to a decrease in cigarette use, an increase in cigarette tax increases cigar use. This opposite sign in cross-tax elasticities is a paradox that has not been studied in the literature so far. I explain this paradox through a third product, marijuana, the most smoked product among youth. My findings imply that cigarettes and marijuana are substitutes, while cigars and marijuana are complements. Future anti-tobacco policies must take into account the high prevalence of marijuana and its role in tobacco use. | Download

  1. Does Smoking Reduce Obesity? Reconciling the Conflicting Evidence (with Rusty Tchernis and Keith Teltser) (Revised and Resubmitted) | Download

  2. Electronic Cigarette Communications Between Patients and Physicians in the US (with C. Delnevo, M. Jeong, M. Manderski, B. Singh, M. Steinberg) (Under Review)

  3. Can Cigarette Taxes Still Reduce Smoking? (with Charles Courtemanche and Bo Feng) | Download

  4. Do Financial Incentives Matter for Maternal Healthcare? (with D. Pokhriyal)

  5. Effect of Free Maternal Care on Healthcare Utilization in India (with D. Pokhriyal)

  6. Impact of Microcredit on Child Health Outcomes (with D. Pokhriyal)

  7. Cigar Warning Label Noticing and Harm Perceptions (with C. Delnevo, O. Ganz, S. Gratale, J. Chen-Senkey, O. Wackowski)

  8. Patterns of Electronic Cigarette Use and Smoking Cessation in the US (with C. Delnevo, D. Giovenco, M. Manderski)

Works in Progress

  1. The Impact of Smoking on Obesity: Evidence using Biomarkers (with Mike Pesko and Rusty Tchernis)

  2. The Impact of New Jersey Menthol Ban on Youth Smoking (with C. Delnevo, D. Giovenco, M. Hrywna, and E. Miller Lo)

  3. The Impact of Tobacco-21 Laws on Youth Smoking (with C. Delnevo)

  4. Pregnancy Intention and Use of E-cigarettes in the US: Impact on Health of Newborns

  5. Did the Master Settlement Agreement Reduce Youth Smoking? (with Mike Pesko)

  6. Tobacco Use and Suicide Planning in the US